Over the past couple of decades, the most popular Basmati rice variety that has attracted the palette world over is Pusa 1121, developed by the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi. Sulson Overseas is a leading 1121 Basmati rice exporter from India. This rice variety is a miracle and so far, the longest grain rice variety in the world.

Pusa 1121 rice possesses a special characteristic of an extraordinary long-grain, up to 0.33 inches (8.4 mm) that has attracted every Basmati Rice Exporter from India to encash the opportunity in this commodity.

1121 Basmati rice is an early maturing, photosensitive rice variety that requires less water in cultivation. These striking features soon made this a preferred variety of the farmers who also got better yield than its traditional counterparts. Its other features like extremely high kernel elongation ratio from 2.0 to 2.5 and while cooking, its appetizing aroma, non-sticky behavior and fluffy texture was liked by the consumers as well.

Pusa 1121 Basmati rice variety is considered the best for Indian, Chinese, Mughlai, and Continental cuisines and is taken hand in hand by the food connoisseur worldwide.

The win-win situation of farmers as well as consumers made Sulson Overseas the most promising 1121 Basmati rice exporter from India.

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