Nearly half the world’s population eats rice as a staple diet and demand is ever increasing.  Asian countries produce an app. 90% of the total production.  There are approximately 40,000 varieties of rice but very few of these are grown commercially. Rice is usually distinguished by the length of its grain i.e. long, medium, and short-grain rice.

  • Long Grain RiceIt products a light and fluffy consistency because grains don,t stick together upon cooking. The taste of white long grain rice is quite subtle. Long grain rice is grown in India, USA, Thailand, Itlay, Spain, and number of other countries.
  • Medium Grain RiceIt is shorter than long grain but also tends to be little plumper. It has more stick power together than long grain. So, it is often used for dishes which require a bit more creaminess. It is grown in many of the same places as long grain.
  • Short Grain RiceThis rice is almost round in shape. It is specially popular choice for use in Japanese sushi as it sticks together quite easily. This rice is also very popular in Asian countries.


Grown in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, Basmati rice is generally the rice preferred for Indian dishes both in-home and restaurant. This is fluffy rice whose grain separated when cooked.

The Hindi word Basmati means Fragrant and refers to the nutlike flavor and aroma of this long-grained rice. So, basmati rice is called a PRINCE OF FRAGRANCE.

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