India is famous for many reasons but aromatic, traditional basmati rice is one of them. Basmati is worlds most popular rice because of its fragrance and sweet taste. Truly indigenous, the long grain Indian basmati rice is valuable ingredient for an irresistible treat for all type of palates.

The basmati rice has been reported in India since 19th century. the word basmati means, bas means “aroma” and mati means “full of”.

Being basmati rice producers in India, producing top quality basmati is among great customs at sulson overseas Pvt. Ltd. we select paddy of pure quality cultivated in the fertile land of Punjab & Haryana watered with snow fed water from Himalayas.

Over the years the company has carved a niche for itself and proved to be one of the reputed Indian basmati rice exporters. We aim to achieve total customer satisfaction by providing supreme quality basmati rice with delivery commitments. Being leading basmati rice dealer we grow, care, harvest and process basmati rice in old traditional method but with modern equipments to keep its flavour, aroma and extra-ordinary qualities intact.

We at Sulson Overseas Pvt. Ltd. carry on its vision to be acknowledged trusted leader for processing of superior quality basmati rice with competitive pricing and best in class. Customer services is key to our success.

Today Sulson Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading processor and basmati rice exporters in India. Sulson brands of basmati rice are synonymous with supreme quality basmati rice from India.

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